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BREAKFAST MENU (7:00-10:30 am)

Two Eggs on Toast ($7.50) - Served on rye sourdough toasted. (your choice of poached, scramble or fried egg)

Mashed  Avocado ($10.50) - Seasoning chucky Avocado paste on rye sourdough, crumbled feta cheese, sundried tomato served with balsamic glaze. Add 1 egg cooked your like. $1.50


Genies Fat Boy ($18.50) - 2 eggs (cooked to your liking), bacon, mushroom, bratwurst sausage, spinach, tomato and hash served with a slice of white toast.

Eggs Benedict ($11.90) - 2 poached eggs and spinach on a toasted rye sourdough, finished with hollandaise sauce.                                       Add Bacon $3.00                                                                                                                                                                                   Add Ham $2.00                                                                                                                                                                                      Add Eggplant $2.00                                                                                                                                                                                   Add Salmond $5.00                                                                                                                                                                                    Add Turkey $2.00

Vegetarian Wrap ($10.50) - Fried egg, sauteed mushroom, rocket, sundried tomato and shredded mozzarella, served with basil pesto.

Breaky Wrap ($10.50) - Fried egg, bacon, fresh tomato, spinach and mozzarella, served with BBQ sauce and whole egg mayo.

Chicken Avo Wrap ($12.50) - Oven baked chicken, avocado slices, fresh tomato, spinach and shredded mozzarella, served with homemade tomato relish.

Dynamite Wrap ($14.50) - Bacon , ham, turkey, beetroot, soft poached egg and mesclun, served with honey and homemade hollandaise sauce.

Ham, Cheese, Tomato Omelette ($10.90) - Primo 97% fat free leg ham, fresh tomato and mozzarella, with side aioli sauce.

Pumpkin Feta Omelette ($12.90) - Grilled pumpkin, feta, spinach and diced tomato's, served with side of aioli.

Genies Omelette ($15.90) - Smoked salmon, spinach onion, rocket, jalapeno and grilled haloumi, served with truffle butter and crushed pistachio.

Haloumi Vege Stack ($15.50) - Grilled haloumi, dukkah, sauteed kale, deep fried mushroom, grilled pumpkin on buttered Turkish bread, served with poached egg and Thai basil pesto.


Toast is available until 11.00am

Wholemeal or white toast ($1.70) - a slice of toast served with your choice of vegemite, strawberry jam, honey, peanut butter, marmalade

Cinnamon toast ($2.00)

Raisin toast ($2.00)

Banana Bread ($3.50)

Gluten free toast ($3.00)

Rye Sourdough ($2.00)

Turkish Toast ($3.00)

Gluten Free Toast ($3.00)

LUNCH MENU (11.30 am - 2.30 pm)

Burgers & Sandwiches:

All burgers served on a toasted burger rolls and served with chips. GF option available.

Steak Burger ($15.90) - Tender fillet steak with cheese, beetroot relish, onion, lettuce and tomato.

Aussie Burger ($17.50)  - Grilled beef patty with bacon, egg, pineapple, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and mayo.

Fish Burger Deluxe ($15.90) Crumbed sea perch, onion, cheddar, mesclun and tartare sauce. Served with gherkin.

Pumpkroom Burger ($15.90) (Vegetarian) - Roasted Portobello mushroom with marinated pumpkin, semi dried tomato tapenade, swiss cheese, baby spinach, tomato and aioli.

Genies Caesar Wrap ($16.90) - Tender chicken pieces, cos lettuce, shaved parmesan, crispy bacon strips altogether with our in home made caesar dressing on a spinach tortilla.

Genies BLT ($14.90) - Bacon, lettuce, tomato, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, served with sourdough bread.

Genies Vegan Lover:($14.90) (Absolutely no animal product) - Grilled eggplant, fresh slice pear, avocado, tomato, wild rocket and homemade beetroot relish, served with sourdough bread.

The "Heart Attack":($24.90) (A.K.A meat lover) - Double beef patty, double bacon, double hash brown, 3 slice cheddar cheese, mild spicy pull beef, just little bit tettuce and tomato with heavenly full belly.


Add grilled chicken, salt and pepper calamari to any salad $4.00 or Smoked Salmon $5.00

Roasted Cauliflower, Date & Quinoa (GF & Vegan) ($15.90) - Tossed through rocket, with toasted hazelnuts, fresh mint leaves and a moroccan style dressing.

Pumpkin, Feta, Olive & Spinach (GF & V) ($15.90) -Spiced roast pumpkin, crumbled feta and kalamata olives tossed through baby spinach with a lemon vinaigrette.

Fennel, Grapefruit & Avocado (GF & Vegan) ($15.90) - Roast fennel with ruby grapefruit, sliced avocado tossed with salad greens and finished with champagne vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad ($15.90) (GF optional) - Crisp cos leaves, shaved parmesan, crispy bacon, garlic croutons, soft warm egg and our house made dressing.

Vietnamese Combination Vermicelli Salad ($13.50) Satteed pork with onion, pork meatball, spring roll with vermicelli, shredded lettuce, carrot cucumber, finished with crushed peanut and vietnamese dressing.

Traditional Pho ($13.50) Rice noodle, rare beef slice, beef balls in a homemade beef soup. Topped with onion, shallot, bean sprouts and basil.

Haloumi Vege Stack ($15.50) - Grilled haloumi, dukkah, sauteed kale, deep fried mushroom, grilled pumpkin on buttered Turkish bread, served with poached egg and Thai basil pesto.

Something Share:

Hot and Cold Seafood Platter ($29.90) (2-4 people) -

Hot: 4 pieces flat head, 4 pieces seasoning calamari, 4 pieces prawn tempura.

Cold: 2 smoke salmon rose, 6 pieces fresh pacific prawn.

served with bowl of chips, baba ganoush, guacamole, lemon aioli and lemon wedges.

Genies Nachos - Layers of crunchy corn chips & tasty cheese topped with sour cream, guasacaca, spring onions and chili sauce, with your choice of:

Beef ($15.50) - Pulled beef and beans chili con carne

Chicken ($15.50) - Slow cooked spiced shredded chicken and salsa

Vegetarian ($12.00) -Mexican beans and salsa


Seasoned Potato Wedges ($8.00) -Served with sour cream and sweet chili sauce.

Chips and Aioli ($4.50)

Just For Me:

Seasoning Calamari ($16.90) (GF) - On a bed of Asian coleslaw, garnished with spring onions, fresh chilli, crisy fried shallot and lemon aioli.

Chicken Szhnitzel ($15.90) - Tender crumbed chicken thigh cooked till golden and served with chips and garden salad, your choice of Chinese style lemon sauce or gravy.

Chicken Parmigiana ($16.90) - Crumbed chicken breast with homemade tomato sauce, selected leg ham, parmesan cheese, served with garden salad and chips.

Pumpkin & Spinach Ravioli ($14.90) - Tossed through a three cheese sauce with walnuts and served with a crusty roll.

Wagyu Sirlion Steak 200 grams ($18.90) - On a bed of herb and mustard mash, field mushrooms, seasonal greens and finished with truffle butter.

Fish and chips ($14.90) - Beer battered flat head served with chips and garden salad with a side if tartate sauce.

Fish of the Day ($16.90) - See daily special

Side: ($4.00) Seasonal vegetables, chips, garden salad

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